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The timeline below is searchable using the search engine to the right. You can also sort the timeline by category by selecting one or more categories to in the events categories menu, also to the right of the actual timeline. The timeline is fully interactive. Thus, you can drag the timeline to any date by using your mouse to click and hold anywhere in the upper part of the timeline (which is by week) and dragging to the right or left. Doing the same in the lower portion of the timeline which is by year will help you navigate to dates faster when you need to go back or forward several years at a time. By clicking on an event in the timeline, you can view a detailed description of the event, and in some cases, images, archive references, publication information, and any relevant notes.

The interactive timeline above provides an outline of the correspondence, ministries, networks, and social, religious, economic, and political events surrounding the lives of John Fletcher and Mary Bosanquet Fletcher. Where possible, events on the timeline have been linked to images, documents, or archive catalogues or to resources elsewhere within this webpage. If an event is missing, please contact us using our Feedback Form. More timelines will be added to this site in the future. If you already have a timeline and would like a link to your timeline added here, please contact us with a description of the timeline, a URL for linking, and a contact email. The Fletcher Page Timeline was made using Google Docs and scripts and other resources developed as part of the SIMILE Project at MIT.
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